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Reviewer: Richard Balano from Kittery, Maine...
An adventure with the past
I found this book difficult to put down after I started it. For anyone who has pondered their ancestry and wondered what it would uncover this is an adventure worth reading. Full of fun and very informative about Italian-American heritage. A richly detailed personal tour of Italy.
Reviewer: Mike Ferring from Phoenix ...    
Paul Paolicelli heads for Italy to find his roots, but along the way leads us on a great tour that sweeps in such disparate themes as Roman history, American jazz, the Catholic faith, and flavors of great food. He tells it all in wonderfully detailed antecdotes and conversations, often involving his Italian foil, Luigi. (And he manages to smoothly translate every Italian word, so he never leaves language-impaired Americans behind.) Ultimately, what makes "Dances With Luigi so musical is Paolicelli's obvious passion for life that gathers us up and carries us from start to finish.
Reviewer: Lucille Kujawa  from Richmond, Texas ... 
Sharing the Legacy
Even for someone who usually does not like non-fiction, this book is a treasure. Mr. Paolicelli combines the flavor of both Rome and Southern Italy with the elements of a mystery, finding one's roots. For anyone who has shared the experience of growing up Italian-American or anyone who is in the process of growing up as an Italian-American now, this book will provide a wonderful link to your background. For those of any nationality it is a charming, warm look at the quest for links to one's heritage. I plan on giving a copy of this book to both my sons and my sister so they can share with me the knowledge this book gave me and the pride it reawakened.
Reviewer: Scott Tallal from Malibu, CA ...    
Extremely moving, easy for anyone to relate to
This is a great read! Mr. Paolicelli is a true "journalist" in every sense of the word: this is a very personal journal of the author's search for his family roots and the surprises it reveals, interwoven with incredibly sensitive observations of everyday life in modern Italy. A "Joy Luck Club" from the Italian-American perspective, reading this book makes you realize what all of our families have gone through in coming to America.
An aquaduct leading to Rome with the Alban hills in the background. In the field not far from the Appian Way, a local man hunts for mushrooms.
Reviewer: Helen Stavrou   from New York City ...   
Reviewer:Patricia R La Sala from San Francisco,Ca ...    
A Super Read. It Sings!
From One Materani to Another..
If you long to know your Italian roots especially if your family is from "the mezzogiorno" or if you are not even Italian-American, this book is wonderful. It celebrates the human need to know were we came from. It's a loving journey that I made myself and it brought back the joy of finding my ancestry. Mr. Paolicelli writes as if we were in the car with him as he went from town to town. I could taste the past, well, almost. Read it, you will love it and then go call an aunty or uncle you have been meaning to.
"Dances with Luigi" is a super read. It sings. It transported me to Rome--into the coffee bar in a side street, to a jazz club after hours, along the ancient stones of the Appian Way. It took me up into the Abruzzii mountains whose medieval villages hid ageless secrets. And most of all, it told me a heart warming story of an American's discovery of his family's past.
Reviewer: La Maddalena, Seattle, WA

This book struck major chords with me. The author lucidly tells the tales of searching for family and family history in Italy with both stark self-examination and great observations of the people around him. His portrayals of the good and the bad and the uncertainty involved in being in a foreign country and trying to speak their language; Italy, specifically, are excellent.
    I recommend this book to people planning a trip to Italy, especially southern Italy.
The  photo on the right, shot by the author on a casual stroll of Gaeta, became the cover for "Dances With Luigi."
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